Drive in Platanes on the national road in the direction of Rethymno and after a few kilometers take the exit to Spili (largely signposted), you will reach the picturesque bathing resort after about 56 km on a very well-developed road Agia Galini (Greek Αγία Γαλήνη, translated: holy rest) on the south coast of Crete. The former fishing village is located at the end of a valley in the Gulf of Massara and forms the southernmost point of the Rethymno governorate. The Platis Potamos flows into the sea on the stony beach to the east of the village, although it only has water in winter.

Agia Galini has become a very popular visitor destination. The ever-growing town has around 600 inhabitants and likes to grow many times over during the season due to tourism. Accordingly, the place is prepared for package travelers and day visitors with many offers of hotels, guesthouses and restaurants as well as tavernas and kafenions. In many of the gastronomic establishments, the customer has free access to the Internet.

The legend has it that Daedalus and Icarus started their flight to freedom in Agia Galini. Sculptures on a rock above the harbor are dedicated to them.

Agia Galini is built on the hillside. On several floors you will find a rich selection of tavernas and well-kept restaurants, whose outdoor seating offers the visitor a magnificent view over the harbor and the sea to Matala. Except for the access road to the port, Agia Galini is completely car-free and can only be discovered on foot upstairs, downstairs.

Those who spend their holidays here and don't just want to immerse themselves in their book will find offers for hikes in the hinterland in the various travel agencies and invitations to boat tours directly at the harbor. So you can z. B. With excursion boats to the west, you can reach the towns of Agios Pavlos (known for its "crocodile head"), Triopetra, Plakis or the South Sea beach of Preveli.

Agia Galini grants the visitor sufficient infrastructure so that he does not have to leave the place. In addition to the restaurants already mentioned, souvenir shops and jewelers as well as car rental companies, a pharmacy and police station near the port, a laundry, bakeries, a supermarket and of course ATMs leave nothing to be desired. The tourist information is in a kiosk at the port.

By the way: Agia Galini has no hinterland. Behind and next to you rugged rocks and in front of you the sea.