Crete - Transfer

With a rental car from Eurocars

We have been booking our Jeep there for our discovery tours for over 20 years.
Reservations are made online. If you ask me for my regular customer ID, you will get 10% Discount.

With the island transfer from Hoppa

If you don't want to use public transport, this is the cheapest option in our opinion to get to Platanes.
You should definitely book online in advance.

With the Taxi

Convenience has its price.

With Public transport

The cheapest option if you don't want to walk.

A short portrait of many excursion destinations on Crete,

Our home for many years has been the Villa Dorothea in Platanes, approx. 8 km east of Rethymno.

Simply contact Antje via email. and book there a room.

Far away from the hustle and bustle of tourists is the Aravanes, approx. 25 km southeast of Platanes in the Mountains of Crete.

Taverna and accommodation The Three Brothers in Chora Sfakion.

A real one for individual travelers Treasure trove.

One of ours Regular restaurants in Platanes.

Small but nice, found in Adelianos Kampos, bordering Platanes to the east.

Unfortunately, the restaurant above Maroulas doesn't have its own website.
Excellent cuisine with a great view of the north coast and Rethymno.
Fantastic sunset over Drapanos and unforgettable scenery at night.

There are also many dogs waiting for a new home on Crete.
The formal processing and transfer are quick and easy.
Use the contact form to find out more.

You can find out how much misery there is and what the veterinary pool is doing to alleviate the distress here.

Wide range of olive-based products. From my own experience, cheap and good.
Just take a look

Anyone who learns to dive or who Underwater world want to explore the island.

Further insights into the West the island.