I'm Holger, the author and designer of this website.

For many years, I have been redesigning my site out of sheer enthusiasm and whim, because I enjoy it and because I want to try out new techniques. In the beginning, the site was created using Microsoft Frontpage from pure (generated) HTML (this is what the source code looked like!), but today I write every line myself. In addition to HTML, I now use CSS, PHP, MySQL and occasionally JavaScript.

With my site I would primarily like to present photos I have created myself. Photography is my hobby, but its sole purpose is to capture memories digitally and share them with others.

My photos in no way claim to be perfect. With the Canon 7D and the appropriate equipment I have created very good conditions for taking good photos, but ultimately it is not the camera that takes the picture, but the person behind it.
When I started my hobby in 2007 with the Canon 400D, I also got a lot of specialist literature and software for image editing, but quickly realized that my hobby was very time-consuming. I was also at home on various forums and asked clever questions, but I never got beyond the passionate layman.

Nevertheless, I still have a lot of fun producing digital memories and sharing them with visitors to my site.

Another passion is Crete.

I was lucky enough to be able to work on the Greek island for a few weeks in 1996 and 1997. So I got to know Crete not as a (package) tourist, but as a "guest worker". My colleagues at the time from a German company that had been operating on the island for a long time introduced me directly to Greek hospitality and I soon had many local friends and acquaintances.

This friendship continues to this day. So my or our vacation (Ulrike is now just as enthusiastic as I am) is like coming home.

You can find out more about this topic here.